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The Broadcastify Archive Toolkit for python

Automate downloading audio archives from Broadcastify, the world’s largest source of Public Safety, Airline, Rail, and Marine live audio streams.

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This toolkit and its authors are not affiliated with Broadcastify or LLC.

Get Started

  • Install the broadcastify-archtk package. It’s hosted on, so you can use
    pip install broadcastify-archtk

  • Get a Selenium WebDriver. Selenium is a browser automator the toolkit uses to interact with Broadcastify’s archive navigation page. You’ll need to download the WebDriver for your chosen browser.
    • All testing for the toolkit is done with the Chrome WebDriver, so it’s strongly recommended.

  • Get a Broadcastify premium account. Although the toolkit can browse and build the list of archive entries without one, access to find and download archive audio files is behind a paywall. For $15, you can get 180 days of premium access.

Check out the User Guide for more information.